2025 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Artificial Intelligence (SGAI 2025)
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Call For Papers

2025 International Conference on Smart Grid and Artificial Intelligence (SGAI 2025) topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Smart Grid  智能电网

  • Smart Grid Technology  智能电网技术

  • Intelligent Sensor  智能传感器

  • Grid Interface  电网接口

  • Power and Energy Systems  电力和能源系统

  • Smart Grid and Distributed Energy  智能电网与分布式能源

  • Distribution System and Substation Automation  配电系统和变电站自动化

  • Wide Area Protection, Communication, and Control in Energy Systems

  • Intelligent Power Equipment  能源系统中的广域保护、通信和控制

  • Intelligent Power Equipment  电力装备智能化 

  • Smart Grid Deployment  智能电网部署

  • Power System and Its Automation  电力系统及其自动化

  • Power System Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis  电力系统建模、仿真与分析

  • Power System Planning and Dispatching  电力系统规划与调度

  • Monitoring and Controlling the Power Quality of Smart Grids  监测和控制智能电网的电能质量

  • Smart Grid with Multidisciplinary Applications  多领域应用的智能电网

  • Stability Control of Large Power Grid  大电网稳定控制

  • Power System Communication and Control  电力系统通信与控制

  • Intelligent Dispatch of Power Grid  电网智能调度

  • Intelligent Power Distribution and Microgrid  智能配用电与微电网

  • Intelligent Planning and Scheduling  智能规划和调度

Artificial Intelligence  人工智能

  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms  人工智能算法

  • Natural Language Processing  自然语言处理

  • Artificial Intelligence Modeling and Simulation  人工智能建模与仿真

  • AI Chip  AI芯片

  • AI Intelligent Operation and Maintenance  AI智能运维

  • Neural Networks and Complex Systems  神经网络和复杂系统

  • Intelligent Control  智能控制

  • Information and Communication Technology for Smart Grids  智能电网的信息和通信技术